#1 Google Rated in Northern Missouri

Our Google Reviews

  • "After trying for years to get my husband to get hearing aids, I saw an ad that Hearken would let you "try them out". To my amazement he agreed. After 2 weeks of being able to visit with people again, he was hooked. It has made our life so much better! Doctor Pettit & staff at Hearken are so nice and instantly make you feel comfortable.   My husband John says "I love my hearing aids! Dr. Pettit & staff take great care of me!"

    - Hosskz P.

  • "Dr. Pettit is knowledgeable, thorough, professional, and patient. He utilizes the latest technologies, and I was impressed by how easily he fielded all of my many questions. His staff is also first-rate. His office is centrally located, and easily accessible. I would highly recommend him to patients of all ages."

    - Danion D. 

  • "I was very impressed with my overall experience.The gals in the office were very kind & went the extra mile to check my insurance benefits & make me feel welcome. Dr Pettit was very accommodating & took the time to help me with my hearing aid process. Would highly recommend them to anyone!" - Evan D.

  • "I now hear things I haven’t heard for years. Sound are much crisper. Some sounds have additional tones that have been fun to hear. Just tapping on the back of my hand has a much different sound to it. I love these aids to my hearing. Dr. Petit is very professional in his approach and honest. It is a blessing to have gone in to him. I’ve had my hearing tested before but was not happy. I would refer anyone who is questioning if they need help to see Dr. Petit, he is good at what he does."

    - Chris C.