Our Pricing

Hearing aids come in a variety of styles and price points with differing features, service plans, and options.

A pair of hearing aids can cost as high as $7500 or as low as $2700. Furthermore, over-the-counter and rental hearing devices work well for some individuals and are available starting at $799 a pair. For comparison, the average patient in 2019 purchased a pair of hearing aids that cost a total of $4200. Regardless of which option is right for you, we recommend a complimentary baseline hearing exam and hearing aid consultation to discuss which hearing aid options will work best for your needs.

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Hearing Aid Care

Battery Tester


Battery Caddie


Magnet Tool


Mini Super Dry Aid Jar


Electronic Dehumidifier


8 Wax Filters*


Tubing Blower


Dome Tip*


Batteries (10, 312, 13, 675)

Pack of 40


Pack of 8


Single Rechargeable


Audio Wipes

Pack of 160


Pack of 30


Office Warranties

1 Year Service Plan


3 Year Service Plan


5 Year Service Plan


*Included during manufacturer warranty
**Included in Office Service Plan


Annual Hearing Test**


Wax Removal**


Hearing Aid Cleaning**


30-minute Office Visit**


60-minute Office Visit**


In-House Repair**


Hearing Aid Reprogramming

With REM**


Without REM**


Manufacturer Repair

With 6 mo. Warranty


With 1 yr. Warranty


Hearing Aid Accessories

Hearing Aid Glasses Clip


Hearing Aid Body Clip


Custom Ear Molds




Smart Phone Connectivity


Ask about pricing for remote controls, TV connectors, or FM systems.

Hearing Protection


Disposable Form Earplugs (pair)


Soft Foam Earplugs (10 pair)


EarPlanes (pair)


Heavy Duty Over the Ear


Low Profile Over the Ear



Earplugs (pair)


Swim Plugs (pair)


Sleep Plugs (pair)


Musician Earplugs (pair)



Musician Earplugs (pair)


Over the Ear Protection


In the Ear Protection


Custom In the Ear Protection


Ear Health Products

Pro Ear MiraCell


Ear Wax Removal Drops


Ear Drying Drops


Ear Ache Drops


Clear Ears Water Absorbers (5 pair)



Wax Removal Kits

With Bulb


Without Bulb


Other Products

Pocket Talker


Ear Mold Lubricant


Custom Earpods


Tunz Audio




Over-the-Counter Hearing Aids (pair)


Personal Sound Amplifiers (pair)